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BMW - car that takes you to driver's licence in 3 months

It is said that a pedestrian cannot teach a driver - it means silently and patiently accepting the driving manner of the chauffeur when being a passenger. Has not everyone been in this kind of situation at least once in a lifetime? “When you get the driver's licence, then you can drive as you wish,” is the answer you receive from an irritated driver whom you have reprimanded about exceeding the permitted speed limit or for being as slow as a snail. And that is true - everyone is smart when it comes to watching from the sidelines and judging.

And why not let this summer be the one when you finally get to steer by yourself and learn to drive a BMW? A driver's licence means a greater independence. Wouldn't it be pleasant to be in control of a situation? No more adjusting your holiday plans to others or being sad about the fact that hitchhiking is not recommended in times of Covid. And, finally, life will become more comfortable and you will be able to take your beloved girl somewhere further than the local city park and also gain a more romantic setting than in the public transportation.

Where to learn to drive a BMW?

In cooperation with driving school Presto, BMW news offers an insight into the instruction process - we will tell you everything that should be known to get the driver's licence with a BMW within 90 days. Presto is the biggest driving school in Latvia that has branches in 98 cities and villages, including such biggest cities of Latvia as Ventspils, Liepāja, Rīga, Daugavpils and Valmiera. As the biggest driving school, Presto also ensures a greater variety of car models - the instructors give classes also with a BMW.

Already a few years in a row Presto has taken the leaders' position according to the statistics of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD), which means that Presto is the driving school in which a higher percentage of students pass the exams on the 1st attempt. This suggests that studying at Presto increases the chances of saving your money as the exams won't have to be retaken as well as the driver's licence could be obtained sooner.

Why learn to drive a BMW?

Why is it important? It is 1 of the car brands that is also included in the list of CSDD cars which the student has to be able to drive confidently. That is why when it comes to preparing for the exam the student should not forget that he should be familiar with the BMW! BMW 218D XDrive Active Tourer can be assigned to the student by system randomly. The other 2 models that could be allotted are Volkswagen Golf 7 and Audi A3 Sportback. However, it would be only recommendable to drive at least once under the guidance of an instructor also with these cars.

The practical exam consists not only of driving in the traffic, but also of completing the figures in the figure field. To park successfully, the student has to learn how to do that with different car models. The points that should be taken into account to complete the figures coincide for BMW and Audi; however, Golf has a completely different story.

Above all that, all these 3 car brands also have technical differences - even such a seemingly small thing as starting the car is different for BMW 218 XDrive as well as changing the gear to drive backwards. If these skills have not been mastered during the classes, the day of the exam may feel like the 1st driving lesson. Also such nuances as turning on the wipers, regulating the mirrors or using the parking brake are not the same to all of the cars - and it will be more than useful to make sure about it practically.

Besides, after obtaining the licence this experience will also be helpful in real life - the rental of the car won't have to be neglected just because it is unclear how to drive the particular available model. The possibility to drive various cars in the driving school is also 1 of the reasons why Presto students have significant advantages and higher probability of passing the exam on the 1st attempt. Those students that always drive the same car every class, very often fail at the exam not because they are bad drivers, but due to the lack of knowledge and experience on how to drive different cars. And knowing how to drive a BMW on the CSDD exam is a must.

Can you change instructors at Presto?

Presto instructors drive the same cars that the student has to know how to drive on the CSDD exam, and the students have rights to book the classes to all instructors of Presto throughout Latvia. This is 1 of the most modern driving schools that gives the greatest sense of freedom as well as options to choose from - none of the students is tied to 1 particular instructor. The normal procedure to change an instructor includes filing an application and providing explanations at the administration desk. In Presto it is completely different - no one has to give any explanations about why the instructor is changed and the student can change the instructor even every single day!

Of course, personalities are different, so a certain instructor will suit 1 student, but another will have better cooperation with someone else. It is best to spend most of the lessons with 1 instructor as then he can more successfully track the progress and follow the topics that have been learnt. At the same time, it should be noted that this instructor will not always be free just when it is convenient for the student. In this case, the student may use the chance to book a class with another instructor so as not to cancel the class and prolong the study process.

The change of the instructors enables to prepare for the CSDD exam also psychologically. And that is a very significant factor that plays an enormous role to demonstrate convincing driving abilities. If on the day of the exam the student faces this kind of driving circumstances for the very 1st time when an unknown instructor is sitting next to him in the passenger's seat and evaluating his driving manner, an additional stress can be caused. And, unfortunately, stress may become a reason why a student commits a mistake. However, if the replacement of instructors has become a usual practice, on the day of the exam that won't be a reason for the stress hormones to be released and the sympathetic nervous system wont play any jokes on the student with an increased heart rate, sweating and dry mouth.

Those that use the chance to change instructors at Presto, are only winners. Besides, another instructor can also offer another car model as well as correct the mistakes that have not been noticed or simply explain an unclear theme with other words, thus enabling the student to finally gain an understanding of the topic.

How to get the driver's licence in 90 days?

Presto driving school is convinced that the best results can be achieved in an intensive study process that is not prolonged. A shorter training course increases the chances to successfully obtain the driver's licence. The motivation is the highest during the 1st 3 months since the beginning of studies; however, later on it drops - and along that also the chances to gain the driver's licence decrease.

To increase the odds to pass the exams on the 1st attempt and thus get the driver's licence as soon as possible, it will be useful to learn how to drive with different cars, including a BMW, as well as change instructors. It will provide invaluable benefits, the necessary knowledge and increase the ability to maintain emotional balance on the day of the exam.

At the same time, pace is also an important aspect. Preto provides an opportunity to drive every day, turning driving into a daily routine. On average, 30-40 classes are needed to successfully pass the school exam to be able to further apply for the CSDD exam. When driving daily, many will be able to pass the school exam even within 1 month. However, also for someone that during the training process is going to drive the car for the 1st time in life, driving as often as possible will also enable them to pass the tests in 3 months' time. That is possible if the student plans time for at least 3-4 driving lessons every week.

Of course, there are situations when a student might need more driving lessons than on the average, but also on those occasions the result will be achieved sooner if the training is more intensive.

Start the training already THIS summer!

How often don't we start the new year with new commitments - we neatly write down in the planner or note all the goals and changes we would like to implement. However, it is not necessary to wait until the next year to start fulfilling your dreams. Psychology teaches that the best day to change something is today. Why start eating healthy, working out and spending more time in the fresh air only tomorrow? And why continue postponing the acquisition of the driver's licence?

Also towards the dream of the licence it is possible to start moving forward today. The 1st step to start the training is the conclusion of a contract. Presto.lv as a modern driving school offers not only to get acquainted with the contract remotely but also to sign it online within just a few minutes.

If you dwell on it, by starting the studies already this summer, after 90 days you will actually be able to change the status on your social platforms. That will surely be a significant step, but we are sure that you will be willing to tell everyone about your new love - in a relationship with a BMW. As soon as in the autumn you won't have to be a passenger sitting next to someone that, in your opinion, in reality does not even know how to drive, and this year it will be you that will drive to Sigulda!


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