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All BMW models on a safer market platform
BMW is one of the favorite Latvian car brands, and dalder.lv is the perfect site when it comes to looking for both new and used BMW models.
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All BMW models on a safer market platform

BMW is one of the favorite Latvian car brands, and dalder.lv is the perfect site when it comes to looking for both new and used BMW models. Not only all BMW models on the website can be viewed in a form of separate classifieds but also about each trader one can gain additional information on individual websites of each seller, which is an integral part of the platform itself. When comparing offers of different dealers as well as reviewing the range of used cars, it is worth taking a look not only into the “About us” section (which is created for each owner of a business profile), but also into the reviews section. It has been the missing piece of puzzle in the field of Latvian advertisement platforms which significantly improves the reliability indicators.

Growing from mistakes

After analyzing mistakes of popular Latvian classifieds portals, the team of dalder.lv has made significant improvements by eliminating various shortcomings and promoting a chance to make sure of the seller's identity. Thanks to that, finally a serious and safe market platform has been created.

There is no doubt that buying a car is a serious decision and a financial investment that has to be carefully weighed. When looking for answers to such questions as to how to choose a used car or where to buy your dream BMW, the innovative platform dalder.lv lives up to many expectations - especially to those buyers that have previously been disappointed. The portal provides an opportunity to get to know a number of sellers - starting from private owners to dealers.

When it comes to buying a car, very often there are serious concerns about the integrity of the seller. Taking into account that Latvia has one of the highest odometer change rates in Europe, it is understandable why there is such mistrust. There are also a number of notorious stories about the so called “good” used cars from abroad which later on turn out to have been involved in major crashes, yielded together from various crashed cars, have been under water during floods or otherwise seriously damaged. Buyers have also been warned of various bandits who buy cheap cars from abroad and later on try to sell them in the local market for a better price - but later on the “dream” car breaks after the first turn. The seller is already away, the money is lost and there is not even a car after all.

Platforms like dalder.lv are a safe starting point to avoid such negative experiences and unmask such dishonest traders. The range of features of the innovative portal ensures much higher standards of portal safety inviting us to a discussion about secure shopping on the internet.

Social networks are not sleeping

Nowadays, social networks have replaced news programs and newspapers to many; therefore, it is no wonder that business advertising campaigns have moved to those online platforms. There are about 3 billion Facebook users worldwide and about 1 billion Instagram users. If there is a need to buy, sell BMW, there are higher chances of concluding a successful deal by using these channels as well.

When choosing to buy a car from a private seller on any other classifieds platform, identity mostly remains hidden. Dalder.lv ensures another type of approach. Not only can each seller on his/her profile indicate his/her name and surname, but also add a link to social networks' profiles which allows the buyer to gain more confidence of the true identity of the seller.

At the same time, in addition to publishing an ad on dalder.lv, each seller can also do that on Facebook group Dalder.lv Auto - Moto, which already has over 100000 members. Besides, dalder.lv is also actively sharing information on Instagram - users can learn about the latest offers or receive valuable tips regarding different topics including about choosing the best car. Dalder.lv helps every seller to reach more potential customers - both thanks to being active on social networks as well as the automatic translation of classifieds to Latvian, Russian and English on the platform itself. It is a win-win both for sellers and buyers.

Measuring trust

According to results of research, reviews play a significant role in the decision making process of today's buyers. Besides, buyers are more likely to choose buying from websites that have a reviews' section instead of websites that do not ensure such an option at all. Providing a space for honest feedback gives potential buyers the confidence that the specific trader is trustworthy. It shows honesty and transparency as well as speaks of the quality of the product or service.

Dalder.lv is offering such a way of measuring trust to classifieds portal users in Latvia for the first time. When opening any ad of any BMW model, the username and profile picture of the seller can be seen at the same time. When clicking on the name (the name of the enterprise or the name of an individual seller), one can open the trader's website. That website is also the one where to search for reviews of previous clients about their experience of cooperation. Besides, the dalder.lv reviews system works in two directions - a comment can be left not only about the seller but also about the buyer. Because of that, a profile of any user can serve both as a buyers and seller's profile at the same time. In addition to that, one profile works for different categories - not only when it comes to the section of buying or selling a car, but also in all the others, including real estate, dating and job categories.

It means that reviews about car deals can turn out helpful later on, for example, when renting an apartment. In this case, the landlord will be able to take reviews as criteria for assessment to decide in favor who will be a more trustworthy tenant. The more responsibly both parts treat each deal, the easier it will be later on to buy and sell also in other categories.

Long-deserved filters

Another significant novelty which we highly appreciate on dalder.lv platform is the chance to create search filters. It helps to save time and not to miss out on any news regarding a section of one's interest. They work 24/7 to benefit every user.

One way to choose filters is by saving search criteria for future sessions. Thus, when logging into the portal again, there will be no need to go the long road again to find an appropriate ad. Instead, one only has to click on the top left corner of the page on the filter icon (that is available to any registered user of the portal) and choose the name of the created filter, for example, “My next BMW”. This way, one can start searching already after ready-made criteria with the desired brand, price category or any other significant parameters already set. Another way of using filters is to receive notifications about new classifieds that correspond to the set parameters of the filter. As soon as a new classified is added, a notification is sent to the website and during 24 hours one receives an email as well. Because of that, it is possible to increase one's chances of being among the first ones that get in touch with the seller about a car of one's interest.

In addition to that, a valuable function is also the option to save favorite ads. Thanks to that, one can review his/her favorites in one place, and if later on there is a wish to show them to a family member one after the other, thanks to the separate section and option to save favorites, it can be done much easier. Adding a classified to favorites can be done by any registered portal user by marking the ad with a star on the upper corner of the page.

All in one yet professional!

In conclusion, this is how the innovative market platform dalder.lv can be briefly described. On this website, one can both buy and sell BMW as well as look up, for example, BMW parts. Of course, also other traditional categories of classifieds portals are not missing. And one can advertise himself/herself professionally in all of them at the same time.

The overall quality standards of classifieds portals have significantly increased as each user, both seller and buyer gets his/her own automatically created mini website that is organically built into the dalder.lv market platform. Precisely the individual users' websites and reviews section are the ones that add the value to the portal which is what takes dalder.lv from the level of a simple classifieds platform to a market platform. Besides, the portal is comprehensive - the profile and reviews play a significant role in most different kinds of sections.

Innovative platform dalder.lv offers serious enough reasons to choose to place ads precisely there to sell a car or look for a new one in the future. Besides, placing ads on this classifieds portal is fully free of charge, which is just one more reason why one should register on the platform!

We are for a safer future of Latvian classifieds portals, which is why dalder.lv is our choice Number 1!


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